On stage Friday night in London, the singer Amanda Palmer delivered an open – very open – letter to the Daily Mail after it gasped at her breast escaping its bra during a performance at Glastonbury. The Daily Mail reported nothing else about her performance, but made sure to include a high-resolution image of said errant nipple and many more of said malfunctioning bra. In the interests of an informed public, of course. And of a punny headline: “Making a boob of herself!” In response, Palmer wrote a letter in 3/4 time and performed it at London’s Roundhouse Friday night. The next morning, video ofRead More →

It would be hard to draw up a weirder Sunday than one in which the Miami Dolphins, the Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals all won, while the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers lost. The surprising victories by the league’s lesser teams provided plenty of entertainment, but Week 13 was all about the potential Super Bowl preview between the Baltimore Ravens and the 49ers, a pair of heavyweight teams that fought their way to a 20-17 classic. Here’s what we learned: A 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl would be intense. Watching these teams feel each other out was fascinating. It was 17-14 in favorRead More →

It’s once again time for Comic-Con, that annual festival which draws geek-minded people by the thousands to the San Diego convention center, where their numbers are matched by an army of entertainment executives and creators peddling their latest wares. “Movies! Get your next hit movies here!,” you can hear them shout thunderously from Hall H, as droves of fans rush to get a glimpse of just that. “Two-for-one special on sci-fi TV series. Step right this way.” It’s like Barnum’s circus, a wild west boom town and that strange, splashy dystopia foreseen in Blade Runner, all under one roof. And so, out of the hundredsRead More →

But instead of tying those connotations to the person, Mr. Markman suggests looking at job titles a different way: as verbs, rather than nouns. “When you go to a party, one of the first things you ask someone is, ‘What do you do?’ because of that belief that it tells us something deep about who they are,” he said. “One of the things we have to do is to really try to treat our career more like a verb than a noun. There’s a lot of research on nouns that shows that as soon as you give a label to something, you come to believeRead More →